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Are you ready yet?

Close-up of a shofar against a white background

It’s Elul, and the sound of the shofar got us thinking about amplifying the voices in our community. We invite you to explore some user-generated source sheets on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Tshuva.

What’s so special about Rosh Hashanah?
By Isabel de Koninck

Yom KiPurim? Parallels between the Books of Jonah and Esther
By David Segal, based on a sheet by Ben Gross

Is it better to have sinned and repented or to have never sinned at all? By Meir Goldstein

Looking for more? Here’s a source sheet on forgiveness, one on Kol Nidrei and one geared toward teens about the shofar!

Want to build your own source sheet? You can start from scratch or copy an existing source sheet when you login to Sefaria and access the Source Sheet Builder.


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