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More publisher deals

Since its inception, Sefaria has striven to make the world of Judaic printing more open, and to provide more people access to more things. To accomplish this goal, we’ve made deals with publishers like Urim and content creators like Daf Shevui and Rabbi Mark Greenspan. It is thanks to these relationships that we have two more agreements we’d like to announce.

Shney Luchot HaBrit

As part of our original deal with Urim, the publisher released Rb. Eliyahu Munk’s English translation of Shney Luchot Habrit under the CC0 license. We’re excited to share that you can now find the translation in Sefaria.

The Shney Luchot Habrit is a comprehensive Kabbalistic-ethical work of the mid-17th century by R. Yeshayahu Horowitz. Usually referred to by its acronym, the Sh’lah had a profound impact on Ashkenazic practice and on the early Chassidic masters.

Daf Shevui

We have reached another agreement with Daf Shevui, and its new translation of masechet Ketubot will also be released under an open license so the content can be brought into Sefaria.

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