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Request Translations and Translate-a-Text Contest

Do you have a wish list of texts that you would like to access in English? Our translation requests feature allows you to request a translation of any text. Request a translation here.

Do you enjoy translating text? We invite you to translate key selections of the most requested texts in our library. See the request list here.

How the translation contest works:  Each week we will feature a group of texts, with the goal of having them all translated by the end of the week. We will select the texts based on user requests and texts added to source sheets without an available translation in our database. For every source you translate (assuming the translation is judged to be accurate by our team), you will be entered in the monthly raffle to win a $50 Amazon gift card and Sefaria swag.

Add your voice to Sefaria’s library and help us create more translations for our community of learners.

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  1. Dear people,
    Are their more commentaries on Exodus 1:22 from a Jewish perspective? I know what Rashi said about this part of scripture but I would like to know if other Jewish scholars explain this verse otherwise.

    Best regards,

    Paul Henkel
    The Netherlands


    • wolfamelia says

      Absolutely. We currently have eighteen commentaries on this verse. You can find them here.


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